We as Karlien's parents acknowledge that it is our responsibility to give Karlien the best help and support that we can. This is why we have established a special trust for Karlien together with the website so that where we as parents may fall short in helping Karlien with what she need you as her supporters can help and assist. Together we can give the support Karlien deserves. She is doing more than her part in fighting to beat her TBI.  

We believe that together Karlien stands the best chance

Our Mission

Supporting all Karlien's financial needs in her recovery


Our Vision

To help Karlien prosper and stand the best chance for full recovery

We Need Your Support Today!

Karlien Roets

Fighting the road to recovery from a TBI

Email: info@karlienroets.co.za

Phone: +27749638955

Registered NPO: TBA

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